Few new videos

כמה וידאויים חדשים ומגניבים שהצטברו להם בשבועות האחרונים

Hi all.

During this time there are maybe less normal shows than usual, but on the other hand – the average of other things is bigger, like – new videos, so – here are 4 creations that were released since the last post:

1) a combined project of some interesting artists I participated in called full moon in a special series of videos for the corona time. My part in this one is the last part, at 9:05:


2=3) For the Israeli Mandolin Soloists ensemble’s corona releases I’ve made 2 Videos/ Here’s the link to the 1st one, which was a bit too experimental for them, & in the clip description there you’ll find also a link to the 2nd one, a cooperation, that was chosen in the end:


4) Finally, I’ve made a new Iseas meant as a fake live on facebook. Here it is:


Hope you’re all well & have the time to enjoy things.

Yours as always,


my Iseas on FB live + new CD!

Hi all.

As you can see in the poster – tomorrow I’ll be live on FB again with my Iseas. You’re welcome to join:)

In adition, I’m happy to link here to a new CD of Jewish early music I’m participating in. The actual celebrations of that would come when the time will enable it…
anyway – here’s the link:


All the best,


.הי כולם

.שמח לבשר על פייסבוק לייב נוסף מחר של מופע הסולו האלקטרו אקוסטי המאולתר שלי

.כמו כן – דיסק חדש בהשתתפותי

.פרטים בפוסטר ובלינק לעיל

.כל טוב בינתיים