Di Tsaytmashin -Rosh Chodesh


So, Today is Rosh Chodesh. A perfect timing to realese DI Tsaytmashin’s version for the Rosh Chodesh song from Sefer Simkhes Haneyfesh – a book we are reviving after it has been neglected for about 300 years…

Three new videos for Di-Tsaytmashin

My ensemble Di-TsaytMashin, that focuses on bringing back to life an ancient rare Jewish book of songs (more details in the links) had a prolific week, as we finished to edit three videos. The 3rd theme’s is unfortunately too relevant to the atmosphere in the holy land right now. Too many casualties. Too many victims:(

The other two are about holidays:

The recordings of the iconographic videos are taken from our upcoming CD. The other one is from a session we specified for filming.

More videos of this ensemble are expected soon