clear skies

שמח מאוד לשתף שיר חדש. באנגלית הפעם

I’m happy to present a new song of mine, accompanied by a simple video clip.

This song was written & composed few months ago. One may say that this year is not an easy one, but – it’s always personal. Personally, to look at the skies feels always comforting for me. In general, I feel that with a bit less consciousness to the news, the world tends to be many times calmer & more beautiful. Anyhow, maybe you had a wonderful year so far. I hope that at least you had wonderful moments in it, & I hope that this song will be something that you would be able to consider beautiful and/or comforting if needed. I tried to put some of my philosophy of this kind into it.

The arrangement was done mainly at the beginning of the process, but the mix wasn’t easy for me & took a lot of time, since it’s not my speciality. However, my arrangements, as well as my singing, as well as my sound design, are something that is a bit special, & I hope that you would find beauty & relaxation in it, even if the outcome is a bit “artistic”.

Be well:)