2 sessions of improvised music & a bonus…

לפניכם שני וידאויים של קטעי מוזיקה מאולתרת שלי וגם מופע של מוזיקה עתיקה. מאחל לכם הרבה הנאה משלושת ה”מסעות” הללו


Hi all.
I’m glad to introduce this time 3 new videos, each one is a full journey in length & content, & for 2 of them I’m responsible solely, & are my recent works, & the bonus is a beautiful version of a project, of completely other world, I participated in long ago. So – I want to tell you few words of these videos. Let’s start.
By now I guess that most of you are familiar with my Iseas. in short, it stands for my Improvised Solo Electro Acoustic Shows – a project, or a concept of a performance, that I’m running from time to time in the past few years, in which I’m going on the stage with some electronic equipment, that includes some kind of a looper, & a bunch of “normal” instruments, & improvise the music from scratch. So, obviously – every time the musical content is different, & that’s why I’m making an effort to document each show. The video in front of you is the documentation of my last Iseas, given about 3 weeks ago, in a wonderful festival named Alternadiv, that I had the pleasure to play in & spend a day at

So, the music is improvised & all, but – do I prepare anything at all? 
Well, the answer, in most cases, is yes. The platform is similar many time, but different. The location, the crowd, the length of the show etc. are all relevant variables, & the “real” instruments I choose to bring with me each time, make a difference of course, but the “heart” of the construction – the looper – is with different sounds each time, that I prepare in advance – usually in Ableton live.I also try to improvise with the platform at home usually, as a preparation, to know it & to check it out. Anyway, I always feel different on the stage, because of the different scene, & particularly – the different sound system, but anyway – each session – at home, or on stage – is of different content. So – one of the times that I practiced for the show in Alternadiv, I decided to record my session. Afterwords I managed it just a bit, as I’m always correcting it a bit cosmetically (levels etc.) before releasing, & made some primitive video art to go along with it, & the result is in the next video in front of you. By the way – in this case the session is made out only of electronic “playing”. Anyhow – I believe that both results are quite interesting (also visually) but I think it would be interesting for you to observe the way that improvisation takes the same platform to other directions. Enjoy!:)

Last but not least is a new video of a project that I’ve participated in about a decade ago. It is the Play of Daniel – aka as the earliest Opera (few hundreds of years before it was officially invented). Myrna Herzog, the director of Phoenix Ensemble, who made this production, added few words about it on the YouTube page of this video, so you are welcome to read more about it, but I will simply say that it was a pleasure for me to participate in it, both musically, as well as in any other aspect, & specifically I enjoyed the staging of Niv Hoffman.So – enjoy this bonus too, & I really hope that you have the time to watch all of these videos:)have a look: