Celebrating 2 years for Iseas on stage

ביום שני הקרוב ב8:40 בערב אנגן בשידור חי בפרופיל הפייסבוק שלי את המופע האלקטרו-אקוסטי המאולתר שלי במלאת שנתיים לפרמיירה שלו

קישורים רלוונטיים בתחתית הפוסט

Two years ago, as a part of a wider show, I premiered my Iseas – improvised-solo-electro-acoustic-show. This concept of show is one of my most personal enterprises, & I think it represent what I have to offer in terms of spontaneous creation & performance in my own style & in an interesting & challenging way. I make effort to get this show to run regularly, & you can watch all of the past gigs of it, including its premiering 2 years ago, in the link below. I feel that the anniversary of the 1st 2 years of experimenting with this concept publicly is something worth celebrating, hence – the coming Monday I’ve decided to broadcast a home session of it live on my facebook profile – for me it would also be the 1st time to use this medium, & maybe in the future this can be a routine. Anyhow – you’re most welcome to join me on this occasion that would take place 16th of October, 8:40 pm, Israel time, at my FB profile:


Link for the past shows here on the site:

I hope you’ll join me live or later, & wish you plenty of enjoyment:)