my sessions at 2017 Doof festival

הטקסט הבא מהווה כעין רקע משלים לתיעוד הוידאו המצורף של הופעותיי בפסטיבל דוף בשבוע שעבר
Hello all.
I’m glad to publish a documentation of my sessions at Doof festival that took place a week ago. Here it is, for your enjoyment, & let me add few words as in a kind of a tradition – see link to last yearThis year Video:
Last year post:

So, few words about it.
Imagine that there’s a great cook, that you want to enjoy his food. You’re hearing that he will be cooking at some event so you go there & sit & wait. You know that his cooking is unique & creative as well as pleasing & rich. So you go there & sit & wait. At the meantime, this cook, who is not known for always taking care for every fine detail, is reaching to the event & finds out that it is starting an hour before he has been told, which is 20 minutes from now. He’s trying to get all his equipment in place & to organize it as fast as he can, but it’s gonna be too much. Anyway, he menages it somehow, but then he discovers that he doesn’t have the knives for his vegetables, & the oven is not working. Since he’s creative he is using only half of what he had planned to, no panic, but then someone runs into his kitchen & destroys another half of what he’s doing & so on. Anyway – he menage to get out to your table little beats of food. It is all experimental, as expected, but some of it is real good & nice. Some tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted, but then again – you can’t ignore the mess. Well – how would you feel? & how would the cook feel? & how would the people that organized this event would feel?
Well, luckily it’s just an imaginary story, but I sure hope that this cook would feel proud of what he had menage to do, & that the dinners would have feel content with the great & unique food they’ve tasted.
Anyway – let me tell you a story of my performances at 2017 Doof festival a week ago:)

I would start & tell that it was a great festival which I enjoyed the most. I would also add that this year the festival took place in a new location & the organizers had tons of problems on their heads, & still all at all it functioned & I think everyone as far as I have noticed were very happy. As for my shows – I had so many technical problems that you can’t believe, but I’m proud of what I was able to do anyway & I did enjoy. Furthermore – I had several people who came to me after the show who said things like “great show man” or “I really love your music” so I think it was all at all OK:)
In the Video you can see both of my shows there almost unedited as usual, as a kind of documentary really, which means that although I really think, if I may, that there are great & beautiful musical moments there, I’m not so sure you could actually have fun to just listen to it as a music video, but, as I said – more as a documentary, hence I feel it is necessary to add few words of what went on so you can understand a bit better what you’re watching.
So, I came there at 20 to 5PM. My show was at 6. Or was it? It turned out that someone had published it to 5 (you would find some similarities to that imaginary cook tell). Anyhow – nobody was scheduled to 6 so I wasn’t too nervous about it, but I encountered few problems with the sound system & there was no one there to help. I had to give up my plans to use acoustic instruments, as I always do, & which is a major part of my show, because the microphone I’ve brought with me didn’t fit & there was no one there to supply me another one. Also I couldn’t connect half of my electronic devices. Anyhow – I’ve started my show during which 2 interesting things happened: one of the speakers failed, & – someone approached the stage & disconnected me from my controllers, so I had to continue from about half way of the show without any keyboards or volume faders etc. The only thing I had is the computer mouse… to create & control music from scratch on the spot (this is the point of my show – all the music is created from scratch on the spot. Nothing is prepared in advance in terms of musical material. Only the platform). Anyhow – as you can see – the show went on & as I said – there was some good music in there I believe.
As I went off the stage I was offered to do another session on an empty spot the morning after. I agreed:)

The morning after, I’m happy the tell, the things I’ve described above were partially fixed, but during the show the electricity went off few times causing problems, of which the main one was that I had to stop the show & start again every time. It’s clear to see on the video when it’s happening:) By the way – as you can see – at one point such as that I went to dance with the clowns. It was fun. I think the whole part with the clowns was one of my favorite in these 2 sessions. Major parts of the shows I had very little crowd, if at all (& it wasn’t only me, or because of the technical problems – I saw it happening also in the sessions of the other DJs that performed there. The placement of the alternative stage turned out to be problematic in this new festival location, & my 1st show was while people were arriving to the festival & the 2nd was after they’ve danced all night long) so I was really happy to see people there enjoying & reacting to my music.

All at all – it was problematic for sure, but also lots of fun, with music & vibes that I enjoyed, & I hope you would enjoy this documentary as well. I can definitely tell that as far as I’m concerned I would happily return to perform in the Doof:)