my Iseas at Ginga

עברית אחרי אנגלית
Iseas is the name I came up with for my Improvised Solo Electro-Acoustic Show. I like this abbreviation Because I can relate to the images of seas I’m selling on while improvising it.
Ginga is a regular free dance party in Tel Aviv with a live music stage, which is certainly a most suitable place for a performance such as mine to take place in.
The video you see here is documenting my last Iseas that took place there last month. The sailing was adventurous with a lot of risks taken upon not completely stable and/or well familiar vehicles, but it took it to some great places I believe. Notice – this is not my 1st Iseas that is fully documented & published, but this is the 1st one to be so accompanied fully with video as it was filmed in segments throughout the show. Hope you’d have fun viewing & listening this journey
מוזמנים לצפות בתיעוד המופע האלקטרו-אקוסטי המאולתר שלי בג’ינגה בחודש שעבר. היה הרפתקני, ואני חושב שהגעתי למקומות מעניינים. איחולי צפייה והאזנה מהנים