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I’m proud to present here the documentation of my improvised from scratch electro-acoustic live set at the Doof festival, which is dedicated to a girl who suffered much during the show – a fact that make a story telling worth. So, let me explain what was going on there, & what you’re about to watch & listen to, & you, girl, if you ever encounter this, please make contact & let me invite you to one of my future shows, so you could have a positive experience with my music.

& the story goes more or less like this:

The Doof festival is an international techno festival at the sea of Galilee featuring dozens of sets & hosting a crowd of at least many thousands of people. It has 2 big stages + a small one in an alternative zone in which my own performance took place.

As you can see in the Video, documenting the beginning of my set, there were almost no people just infront of the stage as I was starting, but there were people around – taking massages, relaxing at the coffee shop, wondering around, & – playing in a circus that was there, about 30 meters infront of the stage. So, the story goes like that – I was starting the show, attracting some attention from musicians around that came to talk to me during the show few times:) You can notice that the band that was playing after me was starting to get their equipment on the carpet that served as their stage, that was located infront of my table. Later on they started their balance along with my ongoing show as a kind of a joined improvisation. You can hear it about halfway of the show. But what was really changing the whole atmosphere was the fact that early on into my set – maybe at its 3rd max, a girl was falling of the slackline, managing to break her arm quite severely. Well – I had the chance to figure out what exactly went on just after my show was over, but I saw the people gathering around, & was told about a girl who got hurted. The show did continue, but as the medics started to arrive at the scene, I was asked to lower the main volume, & then again, & then to play a calmer music & so on. All this, as I am dealing with people that are coming to ask questions about my set, & the band that is getting ready to their show I was mentioning, & still I had to invent the music on the spot & make it work. Well – as I said- I’m proud to say that I think that as you can hear at the soundcloud – I did manage it all quite well. The music went on quite fluently & was changing & kept interesting. By the way – that was also my 1st time on stage with ableton live & only a short while after I started to study it, so – I’m happy with the outcome.

What can you hear here then?

 Well – it starts with a “trancy” vibe to fit into the festival, then I’m neglecting the ableton & moving to my garageband, which was still captured into ableton through the mic. That is how you can hear what was going on around, including the jamming with the band. As their balance was over I finished the show in a much calmer atmosphere still by my own, still captured by the mic, which gives it all a real taste of lo-fi bootleg. By the way – I did played a bit later at home with the sound to make it just a bit more acceptable for home conditions, but other than that – it’s almost untouched. Almost – since I did omitted a total sum of a couple of minutes off of the show, mainly cause people coming to talk to me talked too close to the mic here & there. If you listen closely you can still hear them talk in the background here & there, but all at all as I said – the documentation is barely touched.

I enjoyed very much at the Doof festival, & I’m glad to have this memoir. I just pity this girl. I hope her condition is OK, & wish a good Karma for her.

& for you – hopefully you’d enjoy what I prepared for you as I did.



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